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Trade Service & Fex Transactions
From the very outset of the commencement of business back in 1995, Southeast Bank Limited is widely cherished as one of the leading Foreign Trade facilitating banks in Bangladesh. We are constantly improving our capacity to serve our valued clients satisfactorily by leveraging our large correspondent network, state of the art technology and a pool of highly efficient professionals. Thanks to the trust that clients have on us, we proudly hold a significant market share of foreign trade business of Bangladesh every year. An active member of both Global Trade Finance Program (GTFP) of International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Trade Finance Program (TFP) of Asian Development Bank (ADB), we are always well prepared to provide one stop foreign trade solutions to our valued clients.
Import Services:
Documentary Credit:
a. Issuance of Documentary Credit (Local & Foreign) Sight/DP/UPAS
b. Add Confirmation through Foreign Correspondent Banks
c. Negotiation/ Discounting through Foreign Correspondent Banks
d. Issuance of Shipping Guarantee
Documentary Collection Services:
a. Documents Against Payment (D/P)
b. Documents Against Acceptance (D/A)
Post Import Finance:
a. Trust Receipt
b. Time Loan
c. Term Loan (BDT & Foreign Currency)
Export Services:
Documentary Credit:
a. Advising Export Documentary Credit (Local & Foreign) Sight/DP
b. Transferring Export Documentary Credit
c. Issuance of Back- to-Back Documentary Credit (Local & Foreign)
Foreign Documentary Bills Collection:
a. Documents Against Payment (D/P)
b. Documents Against Acceptance (D/A)
Pre-shipment Finance: Packing Credit
Post-shipment Finance:
a. Foreign Documentary Bills Purchase (FDBP)
b. Purchase/Discounting Export Bills (Local)
c. Advance Against Acceptance (AAA)
Other Services:
a. Export Development Fund (EDF) from Bangladesh Bank
b. Cash Incentive from Bangladesh Bank
c. Re-finance schemes of Bangladesh Bank
d. Special Schemes of Bangladesh Bank
Guarantee in Foreign Currency:
Counter Guarantee
Local Guarantee
Foreign Currency (FC) Account Services:
Resident Foreign Currency Account (RFCD)
Non-Resident Foreign Currency Account (NFCD)
Non-Resident Taka Account (NRTA)
Exporter’s Retention Quota (ERQ) Account
For more information please contact our branches and International Division, Head Office.
Off-Shore Banking
We have two Off-shore Banking Units (OBU) in Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ), Dhaka and Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CEPZ), Chittagong. Over the years, OBU has become one of our important strategic business units, thanks to growing demand for off-shore banking services of our valued clients. Our OBUs provide a continuum of financial services such as deposit taking, remittance, trade finance, credit facilities, etc. Side by side serving Type-A industrial units of EPZs, our OBUs also serve Type-B, Type-C and on-shore clients within the purview set out by the Bangladesh Bank and Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).
Following products and services are offered by OBUs:
Foreign Currency Deposit Account for Non-residents
Full Export-Import services to Type-A industrial units in Export Processing Zones (EPZ)
Usance Payable At Sight (UPAS) Documentary Credit
Short Term Foreign Currency Loan to ADs for purchase of Export Bills in Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Term Loan to eligible industrial units.
For more information please contact our branches, OBUs and International Division, Head Office.
FATCA Compliance
Southeast Bank Limited has registered with Internal Revenue Service (IRS), USA as a Foreign Financial Institution (FFI) under IGA Model-II for the compliance of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). All accounts maintained with us are subject to FATCA due-diligence for ensuring best compliance. Our Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) is W2PW1Q.99999.SL.050 allocated by IRS, USA.
For more information please contact our branches and International Division, Head Office.
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05 Jul, 2018
notice for credit of stock dividend

30 Jun, 2018
23rd annual general meeting of the shareholders of the company held at officers' club, 26, baily road, ramna, dhaka-1000.

28 Jun, 2018
southeast bank opens 135th branch at nikunja, dhaka

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