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Complaint Cell

Southeast Bank Limited is committed to resolve customer complaints fairly, consistently and promptly.

Lodgement Procedure:

  • Step 1: Initially, a complaint should be referred to the concerned branch of the bank. Each of the branches of our bank has dedicated "Customer Service & Complaint Management Desk" to address the concerns of the customers.

  • Step 2: If a complaint remains unresolved at branch level or the solution/reply of the branch is not satisfactory, the complaint may be referred directly to the concerned "Zonal/Divisional Customer Service & Complaint Management Cell" or to the "Central Customer Service & Complaint Management Cell".

   Ways of communication:

Please click HERE to get the contact details of the Members of the Central & Zonal/Divisional Customer Setrvice or Complaint Management Cell.

Copyright © 2021, Southeast Bank Limited.
Copyright © 2021, Southeast Bank Limited.